Hi, my name is Nancy Mur. I have been drawing all my life. I can’t actually recall when I started; probably the passion for it was born when I was.
My first idea came to me on March 22th 2020;

look like, but of course I add more details and make changes in the process.

It was “Polarity”, I consider it as my first painting. After that the ideas have been coming to my mind, love this piece with my whole heart; it ignited my passion, love for what I do, and some extent of understanding who I am.

The ideas for my paintings come suddenly, just popping up, that’s always a sudden creation in my mind.

Generally, the picture appears in my head,
how it would
I’m driven by the idea, imagination, the way I look at the world. Through my art I want to speak, each painting has a significance.

For me, my art is our world which interweaves with something different, illusory, surreal.
I often touch upon the issues with which we are facing every day. I paint without embellishing reality. Social surreal reality - this is how I would describe my art. There are no answers to my paintings, but there are questions you can ask yourself.

I wish to be heard, to have more art in people’s lives, enabling people to feel the paintings.
I hope you enjoy to dive into my world and share my vision with me.

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